Choose a Ergonomic right designed mouse and reduce the risk for mouse trouble

New right hands model with 2200 dpi and a better design.

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Oredinary mouse - arm twisted

  Evoluent Vertical Mouse - arm neutral

Eliminates Arm Twisting

The Evoluent™ VerticalMouse™ has a patented new shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position, and eliminates the arm twisting required by ordinary mice. It is a major advance in mouse evolution!
Once you experience the superior comfort, you will never go back to ordinary mice.




Ergonomic Test

First Place, Mouse Contest



The grip is the same as an ordinary mouse, just turned sideways, and the buttons are operated by the same fingers. There is virtually no retrainingnecessary. 


5 buttons -- 4 are programmable with 59 selectable functions each with Windows driver

Optical Technology

The 2200 dpi optical sensor accurately tracks the movement of the mouse without a ball for improved reliability.



Vertical Mouse is compatibiel PC, MAC Unix/Linux.


Left-hands Model

Evoluent Vertical Mouse is also available Left-hands model. (Still ver 2 )